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14 new moods added! - December 30, 1999

Since Dec 22, 1999 01:02:32 PM the following moods have been added to the system: alienated, angsty, curious, cynical, dazed, distant, intrigued, jolly, manic, miserable, ok, overworked, sour, wacky.

-- The Magic Makers

Happy Christmas! - December 25, 1999

Happy Christmas, and happiness to everyone in the world regardless of what
you may or may not celebrate this time of year! We hope everyone is happy
and has a great New Years. Is imood.com Y2K compliant? I guess we'll find
out soon...

Peace and best wishes!

-- Andrew & Jesse

Important: Banners - December 23, 1999

Over the Holiday break we are going to implement a feature that will allow you to add your banners to imood
automatically so the process for adding banners to the system is faster and more robust. In light of this new
feature please do NOT email us with anymore banner requests. Keep watching the news and hopefully we can have
this feature up and running soon!

Thanks for your patience!

-- The Magic Makers

New moods added! - December 22, 1999

Since Dec 19, 1999 12:00:00 AM the following moods have been added to the system: antisocial, connected, envious, feisty, fine, generous, inquisitive, jubilant, peachy, ready, spontaneous, triumphant, whatever.

-- The Magic Makers

Apology - December 21, 1999

I just wanted to personally apologize to everyone who has written to have
their banner placed on imood and have been waiting ever so patiently for me to to
do this. I have been extremely busy and have not been able to add them yet. I will
try my best to add them all before Thursday when I go home for the holidays.

Thanks for your understanding.

P.S. There is a new link on the my.imood.com page that will take you to the
epinions.com page where you can read and add your
opinions on imood. Thanks to everyone who has shared thus far!

-- Andrew

Come give your opinion on imood at epinions.com! - December 8, 1999

To help spread the word about imood, and to let you tell the world how you
honestly feel about imood, we have decided to allow you to submit your
opinions at epinions.com! All you have to do is click the link below and fill out the form. Of course you'll have to become a member of epinions.com first, but it's simple and easy. Have fun, and we look forward to hearing what you have to say about imood!

Click here to share your opinion on imood!

-- The Magic Makers

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a new mood! - November 25, 1999

We added a few more moods, but in particular time for Thanksgiving we
added thankful! Who's feeling thankful for what they've got?
Remember, we always tend to see passed the good things in our life to
the things we are lacking. Take a few minutes today to realize what is
going good for you. If you see someone who's down, send 'em an email
and pick them up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-- The Magic Makers

Query page updated! - November 22, 1999

A bunch of users have asked to be able to add a user to their buddy list right from the query page. Now you can!
Appearing in front of the "random" button is now the "buddy" button. Click this button to add the current user to
your buddy list!

-- The Magic Makers

Banners updated - November 22, 1999

We finally got around to updating the banners that everyone has sent in to
us. Sorry for the wait. We're a two-man operation here and it's really
tough keeping up with all the email! But don't stop sending it, we love

If there are any problems with your banner or if you need us to change
something, just let us know!

-- The Magic Makers

Tiny update - November 17, 1999

For those of you who noticed the missing "look up" button fear not! The reason it is missing is because the folks at
m-w.com changed something on their end. Hopefully the "look up" feature will be back soon.

Your cries have been heard! We'll get off our lazy behinds and make it so new moods added to the system get updated
to the news. You have spoken and we will respond!

In other news things are slowly moving forward on the interface redesign. Unfortunately Jesse and I have jobs now so
we don't get to devote as much time to imood as we'd like. If you know anyone with a lot of money that they'd like to
give us so we can do imood 100% of the time then please show them our way. :)

Thanks for your continued imooding!

-- The Magic Makers

We got another new banner! - November 11, 1999

Thanks to Becca we have a new imood.com banner!

overwhelmed with work? don't monkey around! go to imood.com!

We have to say that we are really impressed with the community's interest in improving imood! We love it! Keep up the good work and we'll continue improving things here on our side as well!

-- The Magic Makers

State of imood.com address - November 10, 1999

There is a bunch of stuff going on so we'd like to let you all know:

1) In order to be more efficient about adding new moods when they are requested we will no longer be posting updates when new moods are added. They will just become a part of the system with no hoopla or fanfare. If this really drives you crazy then email comments@imood.com. If there is a groundswell of support then we will change our policy.

2) We have decided to let YOU design the upcoming imood.com t-shirts! A contest will be run and you will supply the designs and you will pick the winners! This will be announced soon so watch carefully and start your creative juices flowing!

3) There have been a lot of suggested changes to imood and we have logged them all. Minor changes will be slowly seeping into the system and eventually a major interface overhaul coupled with a large new feature set will hit imood.com. The upcoming times will be exciting and we look forward to having you with us as we all continue changing the face of the Internet!

-- The Magic Makers

Login/Logout Made Easy - November 5, 1999

In the upper right hand corner of the imood screen you will now notice some
new text. If you are logged in, there is now a link to log you out of your
account, and if you are not logged in yet, there is a link which will lead
you to the login screen. Remember that if you don't want your
session saved all the time, you can set your preferences to log you out
everytime you quit your browser. Otherwise, you will stay logged in until
you hit the logout button.

Happy Mooding!

-- The Magic Makers

Front page Internet mood tweaked - November 4, 1999

You may have noticed recently that the Internet's mood on the front page
has actually been stuff other than tired! That's because we finally
tweaked the algorithm that computes it. Now it only looks at moods that
have been changed in the last two days.

The Internet's mood page also reflects this change though the bar graphs
are somewhat less helpful now. Soon this page will get an update and will
have some cooler things on it. So stick around, things are going to be
moving fast around here!

-- The Magic Makers

20 new moods added! - November 2, 1999

Here's the new crop: zoned, calm, stupid, talkative, deranged, giddy, geeked, blotto, mopey, annoyed, frantic,
rebellious, energized, amused, nostalgic, empty, shallow, heartbroken, wired, smiley
. Thanks for contributing!

-- The Magic Makers

We got a new imood banner! - November 1, 1999

Natalie of dinette.org was
cosmic enough to whip up a banner for us this weekend! We love it and we hope you will too! You can see it
below and over in the site guide under evangelize.

feeling cosmic? let the whole universe know at imood.com!

-- The Magic Makers

11 new moods added! - October 29, 1999

Look out, here comes: sick, complete, mellow, cosmic, sleepy, bouncy, flirty, better, good, empty,
. Go buck wild! And as always, keep sending them in and we'll keep updating!

-- The Magic Makers

Reclarification of our mission - October 26, 1999

Yesterday we mentioned that soon we would have T-Shirts available. While this is definately true, and
something we are very excited about, we wanted to make sure that this news wasn't taken as the harbinger
of commercialization of imood.

One of our main goals is to combat the rampant commercialization of not only the Internet, but of our
society. We are striving to give the world a more human face and to enrich our lives on a daily basis.
When we do offer T-Shirts to the public we will be selling them at cost plus shipping and handling.
They will be for your enjoyment and to help spread the word about our thriving little community.

If you have any questions about imood, T-Shirts or our mission feel free to contact me.

-- Andrew

imood turns 1,000! - October 25, 1999

With your help and continued use of imood.com we are happy to announce that we have grown to over 1,000 users strong! The first user over 1,000 to identify a mood to the community was drfeelgood69@collegeclub.com.
You will be notified and will receive a FREE imood.com T-Shirt when they are ready!

As for the rest of our beloved community, how will you be able to get your hands on these T-Shirts? We'll let you know when they're ready and our new store is open for business! Don't worry, if you were one of the first 1,000 users you will get your shirts at a discount!

Thanks for making imood a continuing part of your life. We hope imood has touched your lives as you have touched ours. Thank you so much!

-- The Magic Makers

imood upgrade complete! - October 22, 1999

Well, the upgrade seems to have gone well. It might take a couple of days for things to settle down completely, but if you experience any problems, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for using imood!

-- The Magic Makers

imood upgrade! - October 21, 1999

In order to bring you better service, the personalization parts of imood will be going down for a couple of hours today. Mood indicators should still work, but you will not be able to change your mood or any other personalization features. We appologize for the inconvenience, but when we return we will be better than ever! Thank you for your understanding.

-- The Magic Makers

17 new moods added! - October 21, 1999

Moods added today: torn, irrate, touchy, dreamy, wishful, spunky, misunderstood, wanted,
neglected, hurt, apathetic, slothlike, sullen, shifty, surly, focused, lustful
. And the mood
onry was changed to ornery (thanks Lindsay!).

-- The Magic Makers

4 new moods added! - October 18, 1999

Moods added today: grouchy, spacey, restless, ugh. Enjoy!

-- The Magic Makers

New feature on the front page! - October 15, 1999

We have added a new feature to the front page! Instead of displaying a random imood user with every load
it now features the last user to change their mood. Below this featured user is a listing of the last 5
users to change their moods. We feel that it will be fun to see who is changing their moods and that
this feature will make it easier to interact with people in the imood community.

Of course if you have set your Superstar preference to not appear on the front page you will never appear
here. This is only the first in some improvements around here so keep checking back!

-- The Magic Makers

Happy 500! - October 11, 1999

This weekend saw the 500th person join imood -- and then 60 more! We're really on
a roll now and are planning some big changes around here. Please send us your suggestions so we can make this place better and better!
Thanks so much and keep caring!

-- The Magic Makers

13 new moods added! - October 4, 1999

We have added 13 new moods today: energetic, thoughtful, grumpy,
demure, mystic, pathetic, longing, disappointed, groovy,
elated, dizzy, hyper, perky
. Have fun!

-- The Magic Makers

Personal Indicators fixed - October 4, 1999

Personal Indicators now work for Netscape users as well as IE users so
be sure to add an imood indicator to your

-- jcn

Reccommended link on my.imood.com fixed - October 1, 1999

Just fixed a bug I hadn't noticed before on the personal
my.imood.com page where the reccommended link text was all
messed up. Should be fine now.

-- Andrew

Personal Indicators broken for Netscape - September 27, 1999

It has just been brought to my attention that the personal mood
indicators do not work if you run Netscape. Oops! Hopefully this will
be resolved soon!

-- Andrew

Now over 100 community members! - September 13, 1999

Hey everybody, today saw the 100th person register to use imood. Me and
the imood team are so happy! We never thought imood would catch on so
well! So thanks for stopping by and using imood. Hopefully it's helped to
brighten some of your days...

Remember this site is for everyone so if you have ideas on how to improve
imood please don't be shy! We have lots of ideas too, but it's yours that
really count!

Thanks so much!

-- The Magic Makers

Book profits now go non-profit! - September 2, 1999

I recently found givequick.org and am totally in love. As a result I switched over all of the book links to automatically donate the profits from book sales to random non-profit organizations! So please buy books and help a worthy cause when you do so! And spread the word about givequick.org to all of
your friends!

-- Andrew

New feature: Buddy list window - August 24, 1999

For your convenience we have added a floating buddy list window so you can
keep in touch with your buddies while browsing other sites! Just click the
(^) next to "My buddy list" on your my.imood.com page and you'll be all

-- The Magic Makers

1 new mood added! - August 23, 1999

Since I was so delighted that the Internet decided to not be tired
anymore I added the one suggested mood in the queue: relieved. Have

-- Andrew

Why is everyone tired? - August 23, 1999

It seems as if the Internet has been tired for the last, well,
forever so I thought I'd ask why. If you have any clever answers I'd love
to hear them.

-- Andrew

3 new moods added! - July 25, 1999

We've just added crafty, creative and playful to our
list of moods! Enjoy!

-- The Magic Makers

Welcome to imood.com! - July 22, 1999

Welcome to imood.com! We're very excited to bring this site to you! There's lot's of stuff to do and see so make sure you head over to the site guide and check it all out!

-- The Magic Makers