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Happy Holidays - December 25, 2000

Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates a holiday today, this month or
even this year. I hope everyone is having a joyous time.

-- Andrew

37 new moods added! - December 2, 2000

This is getting out of control! We're going to have to create a new way
to choose your mood... Maybe we're already working on it ... Hmm...

-- Andrew

Happy Thanksgiving! - November 23, 2000

Enjoy the holiday!

-- Andrew and Jesse

Test our new imood changer! - November 20, 2000

Tired of going through hundreds of moods to find the one you are looking
for? Test our new imood
and tell us what you
think about it

-- The Magic Makers

Personal Message: Expressing Your Feelings - November 19, 2000

I just went through the entire suggested moods database and added about 60
more moods to the imood mood database. This brings our current total of
moods you can choose from to 476. 476 moods is a little much to navigate
through and we know this. Look for better ways of choosing your mood soon.

One thing that always strikes me is how many of the moods suggested are
negative moods. This tells me that there are a lot of unhappy people out
in the world. While this does not come as a suprise to me, it is
something that always saddens me and always challenges me. How can I help
to make everyone's lives happier and more meaningful?

We here at imood have always been dedicated to helping you express your
feelings, no matter what they be. Expressing your feelings on the Internet
is an important and healthy way to communicate how we feel. However, it
is no substitute for the real thing. If we are feeling down and depressed
we need to tell someone. If we are feeling joyous and light, we
should share it. There are
more people in this world who care about us than we can ever
imagine! We should all take more time to share our feelings and ourselves
with our loved ones. They will appreciate it more than they can show us.

In the upcoming month we will be bringing some new features to Imood that
will aim to help everyone understand and communicate their feelings more.
We hope, in the meantime, that everyone's lives are going well. Smile,
look up at the stars, and be amazed at how wonderful this world really is.

-- Andrew

More moods added. - October 26, 2000

About 40 new moods have been added today. Rejoice!

-- Andrew

The Internet's Mood Breakdown Is Back - October 7, 2000

The breakdown of all the current moods have been brought back. It can be found here.

-- jcn

Good Things Coming! - September 15, 2000

We just wanted to take the time to thank you all for using imood and to let you know that we've got some improvements to the system on the horizon. Keep watching this space for more details!

-- The Magic Makers

Over 80 new moods added! - July 11, 2000

I went crazy today and added over 80 new moods to imood. Hope it was worth the wait!

-- Andrew

Banner Spring Cleaning - June 21, 2000

We cleaned out all of the banners that no longer pointed to valid web pages. This means no more dead links. Yay!

-- The Magic Makers

System Downtime - June 17, 2000

imood was down for a couple of hours today due to some technical difficulties, but it's back now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-- Jesse

Mood lookup is back! - June 8, 2000

Jesse is a galactic superstar and got the mood lookup feature working again. Click the "lookup" button next the
mood selector on your my.imood.com page.

-- Andrew

Account problems - May 29, 2000

A misconfigured option on our end resulted in accounts showing up as inactivated or non-existent for a couple of hours today. This problem has been fixed and we appologize for the inconvenience.

-- Jesse

Forum News - May 26, 2000

Due to the fact that nobody was really using the forums we decided to take out all of the mood-based forums. The three forums that are currently left are New Features, Using the website, and Feelings and Moods. We would like suggestions for other forums though, and that's where you come in.

What sorts of forums would you like to see here at imood? Discuss them here!

-- The Magic Makers

Restatement of our mission. - May 15, 2000

I keep track of most of the epinions that our users post. One epinion came in today and I felt the person really didn't understand what we are trying to do with imood so I posted a small reply clarifying our mission. I wanted to share what I posted with all of you so could have a better understanding of what imood is:

"The real purpose behind our site is to give people a mechanism to help stimulate communication. That's it. We feel that people inherently want to tell other people their innermost feelings but are afraid to. imood is sort of a baby step towards letting people feel more free to really communicate with each other.

It's really easy to log on and see that your friend isn't feeling good, or that she just got a new promotion and feel great. That little bit of personal information may be enough to make you really think about that person and not take her for granted. This may, in turn, cause you to communicate with your friends more and help make our relationships with each other more meaningful.

Also, by being exposed to other people's feelings it shows us that everyone else has highs and lows like we do. We are all dealing with the same problems of being human beings alive on this planet today.

All the other gizmos like links and books and the Internet's moods are just fun things we can do because we have a database storing the data. If you think the purpose of the site is aimed at any of those then you have truly missed the point -- and maybe that is our fault for not communicating it clearly enough. We aren't marketers or businessmen, Jesse and I are two guys who love people and want to make the world a better place."

If you ever have any questions or comments about our mission here please feel free to let us know!

-- Andrew

Account Creation Problems - April 27, 2000

There was a slight mishap with the imood system yesterday and today which resulted in none of the new accounts to actually have been created. What does this mean? It means if you created your account between April 26, ~4:00pm EST and April 27, ~5:00pm EST AND the system is telling you that you do not have an account, then you should re-create your account. We appologize for the inconvenience, and if you have any questions, please email us. Thanks.

-- The Magic Makers

The New imood Updater - April 13, 2000

We have added a new feature which will (hopefully) make updating your imood easier than ever before. The imood updater will give you a little popup window which will allow you update your mood without interfering with your web surfing experience. Enjoy!

-- The Magic Makers

Undisclosed new moods added... - April 6, 2000

We added some moods today that have been asked for repeatedly in the last few months... Go find them!

-- The Magic Makers

Buddy Notification - April 1, 2000

If you have people in your buddy list, and you choose to get notified when these people change their mood, then please make sure that your email address actually works. If you notice that the "notify me by email?" option keeps getting unchecked for people in your buddy list, it probably means that our system can't send mail to you. If you think that your email address does work but your notification preference keeps getting deleted, the please email us at support@imood.com and we'll try to track down the problem. But please email us from a working email account. :) Thanks.

-- Jesse

Results of the 'gypped' poll. - March 17, 2000

Eventhough most people did not take offense to the word 'gypped' a few did. Since we want as many people to be
happy as possible we will NOT be adding it to the list of base moods. For everyone who
wanted to see this mood we are sorry to 'cheat' you in this way. :) Thanks for your feedback!

-- Andrew

Your opinion on a potential new mood... - March 15, 2000

Will anybody be offended if we add the mood "gypped" to the list? It's one of my favorites
but people every once and awhile tell me its offenseive to Gypsies. Is this true? Let us know how you feel about this.

-- Andrew

Changing your password - March 9, 2000

Another small bit of code has been added. We have finally added the functionality to change your password. Go to the personalize page and follow the link from there.

-- Jesse & Andrew

System Update - March 6, 2000

Well, after much procrastination, we've made some enhancements to the imood service. Most significantly, a large portion of code was rewritten which means that the service should be much speedier now. Also, we have updated the mood indicators. Please see the indicators page for more details. Remember, if you have any questions, just drop us an email. Have a great day!

-- Jesse & Andrew

Tiny Downtime - January 24, 2000

For those of you who noticed -- our database went down for a small bit of time today.
All is well now so hopefully there shouldn't be any more problems.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

-- Andrew & Jesse

Happy New Year! - January 2, 2000

I know it's a bit late for a good New Year's cheer but we figured we give
it to you all anyways! And hey look, imood didn't break down or go flaky!
We should all thank Jesse for this! Hurray!

Well, happy New Year to everyone in the imood community and everyone in
the world. We hope everyone is healthy, having fun with their lives, and
is happy.

Best wishes to you all!

-- Andrew & Jesse