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Happy Holidays and New Year - December 31, 2001

The New Year is coming and I want to wish a great 2002 upon all of you.
Best wishes!

-- Andrew

Blatant exploitation =) - November 15, 2001

I put up a small new website today over at altruistic.org. It's purpose is to help people do good on the Internet.

Please check it out and submit any great links you migh have. Oh yeah, if
you have any suggestions of course fell free to email me.

-- Andrew

Face image rights. - November 9, 2001

Now that the contest is over I have a lot of extra faces. I intend to keep them, and may introduce some of them in the future. If you submitted any faces, regardless if your face was used or not, and do NOT want us to use them in the future please email us and tell us so. We well delete our copies.

If we don't hear from you, we will assume that you don't mind us keeping your images, and that we have all rights to use them now and in the future.

If you are unclear about what I'm talking about please email me and we'll talk about it.

-- Andrew

Face winners announced! - November 8, 2001

Today it is my pleasure to announce the winners of the imood face contest!

There were twelve (12) winners and one (1) grand prize winner. All winners will have their name placed on the about page and the grand prize winner will receive one item from the Imood Store.

The twelve (12) winners are: laurenmichelle@buckeyeweb.com, slinky_grrl@hotmail.com, trekstar25@hotmail.com, carrieramsdell@yahoo.com, evil_dano@hotmail.com, brut4c@bellsouth.net, diamond_princezz@yahoo.com,
amethyst23@hotmail.com, lady@squareternal.com, allison@incandescence.net,
angela@tenshi-arts.com, DeadParrot81@aol.com.

The grand prize winner is: cellophane <!-- @thirdcoil.com -->.

cellophane <!-- @thirdcoil.com --> is the grand prize winner for creating four (4) of the new faces being added, as well as putting together all of the winners into one easy to use Photoshop file for me.

The new faces will start trickling in sometime over the next few days.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated!

-- Andrew

Face winners have been picked. Announced soon! - November 7, 2001

I have gone through all the face entries and am happy to say we will be
adding about twenty (20) new faces to the list!

Winners will be posted later today, and the new faces will/should go up
sometime this week!

Stay tuned...

-- Andrew

Contest results delayed... - November 5, 2001

Due to network and Photoshop issues the results from the face contest will
be delayed until later this week.

Sorry to keep you all waiting.

-- Andrew

Face contest almost done. - November 2, 2001

I just returned from a wonderful trip to the east coast. Washington,
Delaware, Atlantic City and NYC. Fun.

I will be processing the rest of the faces today, and we should have a
winner or more on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

-- Andrew

Frequently Asked Questions - October 25, 2001

New in the "Imood fun" section of your my.imood.com page is a link to a short new section of Frequently Asked Questions. If you find yourself with a question about imood please check out this section first as it may provide the answer you are looking for.


-- Andrew

Still processing faces... - October 25, 2001

I've gone through about half of the entries so far and I have to
say we got a lot of nice faces!

I should, hopefully, be done processing them all by the weekend, and then
we should announce some winners next week.

Stay tuned!

-- Andrew

Face contest is OVER. - October 23, 2001

Thank you all for submitting so many faces! It is going to take awhile to
go through them all and decide which ones we want to use, so please be
patient with us.

-- The Magic Makers

Face Contest is over at midnight EST! - October 22, 2001

I will stop taking submissions for the face contest tonight at midnight
eastern time. Anything that comes in after the deadline will NOT be

Good luck!

-- The Magic Makers

Invite friends to imood! - October 19, 2001

As per user request there is now an easier way to invite your friends to imood.

In the past you had to query a friend who didn't belong to imood to be able to use the feature. Now you can visit our friendlier invite page and invite all the friends you like!

A link to this invite page will also be available on your My imood page in the "Imood fun" section.

-- The Magic Makers

Contest: Design new faces! - October 8, 2001

That's right, we're having a contest!

For the next two weeks we'll be accepting submissions for new imood faces!

After two weeks have passed we will pick the best faces and add them to bunch we already have. Faces must be 15 x 15 pixels big and in either GIF or Photoshop format. Submissions that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.

There is one exception. If you want to make your new faces a little bit larger, say 20x20 pixels, then we ask you do redo all of the existing faces. If you do this, and do this well, we'll replace the standard set of faces with your new ones. Of course, if many people do this we'll pick the best set. If somebody creates a really outstanding new set of faces that gets used, we'll toss in one free item from the Imood Store!!

For reference, a Photoshop document of the current faces, and some unseen ones, can be found here.

Please email your questions and submissions to andrew@imood.com.

No submissions will be accepted after midnight on October 22. Please no stolen images or anything unoriginal.

Good luck and make us all proud!

-- The Magic Makers

48 new moods added! - October 8, 2001

It's been awhile since I added new moods so I just went through the
suggestions and added 48 new ones!

The one I'm most excited about: rested. Now all of you tired people out
there can finally get the respite you've been seeking. =)

-- Andrew

Donate to the American Red Cross - September 14, 2001

For the time being we have changed our donation messages and pages to
the American Red Cross. If you were going to donate money to us we ask
that you help the Red Cross out instead.

You can donate to
the Red Cross here.

-- Andrew & Jesse

Our hearts go out to all of today's victims. - September 11, 2001

Speaking on the behalf of myself and Jesse, I want to
personally express my sorry and empathy for all victims of today's
tragedy. May we one day live in a world where things like this don't

-- Andrew & Jesse

Mood Finder working again (in IE) - August 27, 2001

Hey all, I fixed the Mood Finder on the my.imood.com page. Remember, it only seems to work in IE.

-- Andrew

Added some new moods. - August 27, 2001

Added a few more moods today. Enjoy kids!

-- Andrew

The Moodybot Blues - August 4, 2001

It seems just as fast as our new friend Moodybot came to us he has left.

For the time being Moodybot will be down until we can find out what strange occurrences happened that made him so unstable.

-- Andrew

Meet Moodybot! - August 3, 2001

Moodybot is our AOL Instant Messenger robot! Moodybot will help you check your friend's moods and set your own.

To get acquainted with Moodybot first read about how to use him.

Then, just add 'moodybot' to your AIM buddy list and let the fun begin!

NOTE: There is a chance that the AOL chat servers will not be able to handle all of our traffic so do not panic or email us if he becomes unresponsive.

-- Andrew

Beta test closed. - August 2, 2001

Thanks to all who emailed me to beta test. We have enough testers and
testing is now underway.

-- Andrew

We need more beta testers! - August 1, 2001

AWESOME new imood feature coming soon and we need a bunch of new beta testers!

Requirements for beta-testing are that you 1) have an AOL Instant Messenger account, and 2) you are willing to set your mood a lot, and 3) you want to be the first to try some cool new technology!

If this sounds interesting to you please email Andrew before Thursday at noon eastern. If you have any questions about the beta test, you can email me as well.

-- Andrew

Happy Birthday, New Feature! - July 23, 2001

Imood turned two years old on Sunday. Happy Birthday!

As part of the celebration we are happy to make choosing your mood much, much easier! Type in a few letters of the mood you want to choose and the menu magically updates! Whoa, it's cool! It's hip! It's yours! Available exclusively (right now) at my.imood.com!

-- The Magic Makers

Moodylinks and Bookstore reopened! - July 16, 2001

Since we got a new server we have reopened the moodylinks and bookstore
sections of imood. Go ahead and add your favorite links and books!

-- The Magic Makers

Exciting New Features! - July 11, 2001

Well, we've certainly come a long way since our first users came on board almost two years ago! Now, as we round the corner past our 100,000th user (hi kathi!) we have a couple of announcements to make.

First, we have added 9 more faces for you to choose from. Because choice is good. And faces are good. And you, our users, are very, very good.

Secondly, we have launched a new service called imood.net. We have spent the past two years watching you through your ups and downs and wanted to do something more to help. imood.net is there for those of you who want help, or want to help someone else. At its core, it's a greeting card. But it goes beyond that. Read all about it here and always look out for each other.

We love you!

-- The Magic Makers

Beta testing closed. - July 7, 2001

Thanks to all who emailed me about beta testing a new imood feature. We
will begin the test soon, and we have all the testers we need.

-- Andrew

We need a few people for a small beta test! - July 6, 2001

We are going to launch a new imood service very soon and are looking for
a few beta testers to bang on the new system and test it for bugs, and
make suggestions. If you would be interested in this please
email me and I will get you
started. Thanks!

-- Andrew

Newer, faster, hipper server. - July 5, 2001

This week Jesse helped upgrade the imood server to something that is
close to being a mythological beast in terms of servers. As a result,
imood is running much slicker and faster. Everyone take some time to
thank Jesse for doing this.

-- Andrew

Happy 4th of July! - July 4, 2001

Happy 4th! Grill and be well!

-- Andrew & Jesse

Mousepads five bucks off - June 25, 2001

From now until June 30, mousepads at the Imood
are five bucks off. That means they only cost eight bucks.

-- Andrew

Happy Father's Day! - June 17, 2001

Happy Father's Day to all father's out there!

On a personal note, I would like to thank my father for everything he has
done for me, and for all the ways he has tried to help me lead a better
life. I couldn't be where I am today without you dad. I love you!

Here's a very special picture of my dad with his two kids. I am on the
left, and the little one with no hair is my sister. =)

Happy Father's Day!

-- Andrew

Shop Imood Store! - June 11, 2001

Want an Imood mug or mousepad? Who doesn't?!

Now through CafePress we have opened up our very own Imood Store! Currently for sale are five mousepads and four 15 ounce mugs! The mousepads each feature one of the well known Imood faces, and the fifth mousepad features all four! The mugs each feature a different Imood face and slogan on the back. Collect them all!

Shop Imood!

-- Andrew

Happy Mother's Day! - May 13, 2001

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!

On a personal note, I want to thank my mother for being such a special
lady. Mom, I love you very much, thank you for everything!

As a tribute to my mother, here is a beautiful picture of her with me as a

I hope you aren't too embarassed!

-- Andrew

New moods, and the mood adding process - April 28, 2001

Hey all, I am finally back from Spain. I had a nice time -- thanks to all
of you who asked about my trip.

Today I added 24 more moods to imood, bringing the total to 590. Yes,
that's a lot!

Some of you may wonder how moods get added to imood. Seeing as I've never
really said much about it, other than it being voodoo, I think I will let
you all in on the current process.

First off, and this is important, very rarely to I add moods that are
emailed to me. Not because they are bad, but because a) they aren't part
of the system I use to add moods and I forget, and b) because you should
really be using the form we supply. That's why it's there.

The system is basically this: Every week or two I generate a report of all
suggested moods by users. Then I look at ones that have a high amount of
votes, or suggestions. Usually if a mood has more than five I will add it.
The exception to this is if I don't like the mood, or especially if it is
a made up word. Then, the moods get added and then the database gets
cleared of the newly added moods.

Repeat, recycle.

So that's it in a nutshell. Pretty simple.

-- Andrew

An imood Update - April 19, 2001

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since we've had any new news, so I thought I'd catch people up on the goings on around here at imood.

Andrew is off on vacation (the lucky duck) and would like to remind people that all tech support emails should go to support@imood.com and not to him personally. All love letters should go to him personally though.

I am getting ready to move (again!) but am trying to get to all administrative requests in a timely manner. Thanks for your patience.

Finally, we hope that everything is going well in your life. Really. Take the time today to smile at strangers. It will make you feel good.

-- jcn

Tiny friend finder update - February 11, 2001

The friend finder has been updated to include the new personal picture
capabilities of imood. Enjoy.

-- Andrew

Show the world your face! - February 7, 2001

We're getting motivated over here and are starting to bring you some new
features. Today's addition? User pictures! Head on over and edit your preferences to add your
picture to imood. Once your picture has been added anyone who queries your
mood will see your picture!

Picture guidelines: Currently you must provide an external URL to your
picture. Your picture should be 100x100 in dimension. Your picture should
also be rated PG-13. Oh, and we do have the rights to remove all linked
pictures at our discretion, so please don't abuse the system.

Having said all that, we hope you enjoy!

-- Andrew

Thanks for the big showing of support! - February 6, 2001

I got a TON of email about the sex chooser question and all of it was in
support of what currently is there. I cannot thank enough all the people
who wrote in, your words were very appreciated.

So I am not changing any of the wording and am standing by my initial

Thanks all!

-- Andrew

Did I offend you all? - February 2, 2001

Hey all. I got an email from someone who was offended at the description
text I chose for the new sex chooser on the personalization page.
Personally I don't find my description lewd or perverted, but I realize
that some people might. If you are offended by the text "What have you got
down there?" that describes the sex chooser please email me and suggest a better
description. If I get some good suggestions I'll pick the best one and
change it.

Hey, it's your site, you let us know how you want it!

-- Andrew

More on new personalization - January 24, 2001

As noted earlier I added the ability for you to specify your sex in the
personalization page. This new information has been plugged into the query
page and into the finder. Please let me
if any of this doesn't work quite right.


-- Andrew

New personalization added - January 23, 2001

You may now specify your sex (gender) in the preferences section. I'm
working right now to add this to the query pages. Soon!

-- Andrew

26 New Moods Added - January 14, 2001

A small batch, but some goodies nonetheless...

-- Andrew

Happy New Year - January 1, 2001

Live it the best you can.

-- Andrew