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Attention Neopets users! - December 11, 2003

I recently learned that Neopets is not allowing their users to include any images on their sites that don't look like actual image files (ie, ending in gif, jpg, etc).

I am pleased to report that the imood indicators have been updated to take this into account and will now work with the new Neopets setup. Just go to the indicators page and generate the code to display your imood on your page and then paste it into your Neopets page.

Voila! Instant imood!

-- jcn

Quick Update + Info for MSN Messenger users - November 27, 2003

Hey gang! To those of you who are inclined to that sort of thing, Happy Thanksgiving! For everyone else, have some turkey anyway!

I just wanted to let you guys know that there is now a spot for your MSN Messenger name on the newly renamed "My Account" page. Just go to "My Account" from the dropdown menu at the top of the page to add your MSN Messenger info!

Also, the Internet's Mood page displays moods by frequency instead of alphabetically, just for fun.

That's all for now!

-- jcn

RoadRunner problem resolved - November 19, 2003

The issue that we were having earlier this week regarding email sent to RoadRunner users appears to have been resolved. Thanks for your patience.

-- jcn

Attention RoadRunner Users! - November 15, 2003

It seems that RoadRunner (rr.com) has decided to block all email coming out of our ISP, which means that email sent from imood will not reach you and will probably bounce. As a workaround, please use an email address other than something@rr.com to sign up and if you are a current user, please change your email address to something other than your @rr.com email address.

We are trying to get this resolved as soon as possible.

-- jcn

Fall is here, for real - October 15, 2003

We're in all-out autumn mode here in New York. It's jacket weather (or, at the very least, sweater weather) and the sun is hanging low in the sky. I think I missed the end of summer in there somewhere. It was there. It must have been there. And yet all I know is that I woke up one morning with the sun streaming through my window and a crisp wind blowing my hair around.

I do love me some sweater action, though, so I'm not complaining. All we need now are for the leaves to change color and I'll be in heaven.

-- jcn

Blackout, yo. - August 15, 2003

So, imood was down and out for a little bit last night due to the blackout that hit the entire Northeastern US. We were back online around 3am local time and all seems to be well.

If you still don't have power, then I hope you're out having fun and staying cool. For the rest of the world, have a look at what New York City looks like with no lights on.

I will have you all know that I am updating this site using a dialup connection and the last bits of juice in my laptop. THAT is how much I love you guys!

-- jcn

OS X mood updater - July 25, 2003

Hey, just thought I'd let everyone using OS X know that one of our users has developed an imood Updater. So, if you don't want to use the browser-based updater that we have on the site and you're using OS X you should definitely check it out.

-- jcn

The Friend Finder is BACK! - July 19, 2003

Ok, so we'll see how long this lasts, but I've rebuilt the Friend Finder so check it out and find your friends! To get to it, just go to the dropdown menu at the top of any page on the site. You'll find it here!

Also, as an added bonus, whenever you're viewing someone's imood, you can click on their mood to find other people who are feeling the same way as that person is! Neat!

Also, in order to make things a bit nicer for everyone, I've run some programs that will automatically remove broken user pictures. If you find that your picture was removed incorrectly, please email support and let us know so we can see where things went wrong. Hopefully this will make the imood experience that much better.

-- jcn

Need your input! - May 5, 2003

Hey kids, we need your input! If a desktop imood client was being built for Windows and Mac OS X, what features would you like to see the most? This client would also be an instant messenger and offer voice and video conference capabilities.

Please email me your wildest ideas!


-- Andrew

Konfabulous! - April 1, 2003

Attention OS X users! imood community member Redbeard has created a Konfabulator widget to help you keep track of when your buddies update their moods.

Download it here.

-- jcn

IMPORTANT! news about imood indicators! - March 11, 2003

So, I re-did the personal indicators a little bit. There's not really a huge change here, but if you could take the time to re-generate your imood indicator code and paste it into your pages again, that'd be great!

This change does not affect the Internet's mood indicators.

Note: I indicated before that this change would make the indicators work better with subprofiles, but it appears that this is not the case. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

-- jcn

Happy 400,000 users! - February 4, 2003

We hit a new milestone of 400,000 users this weekend! Congrats! I hope all of you continue to enjoy imood!

-- Andrew

Happy New Year! - January 11, 2003

Welcome to 2003! Here's to a great year for all of our imood users!

-- the magic makers